Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Golden Girls, Nicknames, And Outdoor Urination

One day I swear I will be one of the Golden Girls. My best friend Jasmyn and I will be old and gray spinsters, living together, wearing hideous clothing, and hiding Werthers in our pockets. As you can tell I'm looking towards the future, that's far far far in the future though...but it's humorous to thing of being golden while you are still 17. Anywho, the beginning of my future starts in 10 days. I have all my things piled up on the window seat in my mom’s office. A 65-liter backpack, sleeping bag, inflatable bed, quick dry everything…hiking boots and special hiking socks.  That’s just to name a little….How on earth am I going to fit any of that into just one suitcase and a backpack? Who knows spaghettios?
On a sillier note, I’ve decided that I want a nickname. Alright, let’s be serious. My real name Tedi, is pretty much a nickname already. However, it’s a new frontier! I need a nickname. Gilly. I want to be called Gilly. Like the SNL skit? I can act like her, we pretty much are the same person anyway…and my last name has a “Gil” in it! Done. Done, like dinner. Here is a Gilly Skit link, my grade 10 science teacher and I have reenacted Gilly skits without even knowing it....Give 'er a look.
Thirdly,I feel like I have to share my reservations about peeing outside.  I will be canoeing, hiking, and all kinds of outdoors type deals, and it’s bound to happen. However, I have only done it once. And I’m not going to lie, I did it completely incorrect. I didn’t understand it is less a downward swat, and it’s a back and then down swat…like you are sitting...on a toilet. Anyway, slightly embarrassing. It will be an adventure to say the least, I will need a coach. I will probably need more than one coach, for more than one thing. Oy vey.  
Tedi Jean <3


  1. I don't know if you can just give yourself a nick name but I'll call you Gilly.

  2. Tedi, good luck with the peeing outdoors thing! You'll learn super fast! I used to have problems with it too, but I now find it easy. Have fun!